Three days at Sónar Festival

June 30, 2015

The last Sónar Festival edition in Barcelona on June 18th, 19th and 20th reunited more than 118.000 people from 104 different countries with more than 150 events.

Sonar+D, International Congress of Creativity, Technology and Business, celebrated its third edition with workshops that attracted more than 4.000 people. (source – content in spanish)

Websays has been monitoring the conversation about Sónar for one month, and here are some of the most distinguished aspects of it:

Did you attend the Sónar2015 festival in Barcelona? Here the summary of what Websays has been listening…

With this chart we can see the increasing volume of conversation a few days before the festival. This way the organization can follow the efficacity of its campaign.

The program announcement

The train now departing plaform 1 is for #sonar2015.,-the-s%C3%B3nar-2015-subway-map-of-stylistic-connections-created-by-tiu-mag_166
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A stunning end to a fantastic day. #seeyouatsonar tomorrow! #sonar2015
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See you soon #sonariscoming!

The Sónar team used a parody of Game of Thrones’ slogan “winter is coming” to generate viral content before the Festival.

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#MarketLab workshop

Repost from @sonarplusd. Una de las actividades con más cola del #MarketLab: The Ghost in The Machine, el proyecto de Glassworks & Canada en el que un robot-scanner fotografía tu alma. La imagen es de @normanmarsa. #sonarD #sonar2015

(content in spanish: a project from glassworks & canada, a robot that scans your soul.)

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Sónar 2015: The best electronic show in Barcelona

El Sónar programa, fins dissabte, més de 150 actuacions. El festival preveu aplegar 100.000 persones, de les quals gairebé un 60% provenen de l'estranger.

(content in catalan: Until saturday, more than 150 events. More than 100.000 visitors expected, 60% from outside Spain.)

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¡Última oportunidad para ganar otras 2 entradas que sorteamos para @sonarfestival! Encuentra el objeto que se repite en el video y publica un pantallazo en tu perfil de Instagram con el hashtag #adidasXsonar y mención a @adidas_es. ¡Suerte! #sonar2015 Música: @BSN_POSSE Ilustración: @SEPEDESIGN

(content in spanish: Last chance to win 2 entrances for the sónar festival)

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The Walls' incident

Following Ten Walls statements over the weekend, we feel his comments are at odds with the nature and ethos of the festival. For this reason, Ten Walls will no longer be appearing at Sónar2015. Here’s to a diverse and enjoyable 2015.

When Ten Walls shared controversial thoughts, The Sónar Festival reacted quickly to cancel his participation at the event. The public agreed with this decision, with only a few negative comments like that was only because other festivals also cancelled him.

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The balance is largely positive for the conversation of the Sónar festival. Some negative mentions due to controversial content, tecnical issues and some critics during the festival. Some examples following.

Controversial tweets

.@SonarFestival They fixed it. Just like Ten Walls, right? I'm not defending Ten Walls way of thinking #hypocrites

One of the negative mentions we were mentioning about the Walls’ incident: when the Sónar team posted a list of spanish and catalan artists, araising the controversial subject of Catalonia independence.

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Critics about tecnical issues

@SonarFestival una critica este año: 4 conciertos con apagón acústico en medio del show #noenelsónar

(content in spanish: 4 concerts with acoustic blackout in the middle of the show.)

Critics about the inefficient customer service

@tuentrada @SonarFestival SON UN DESASTRE. En 3 dias no atendieron telefonos de BsAs, Rosario, Cba ni Sta Fe. Por que servicio nos cobran???

(content in spanish: A disaster. In 3 days they didn’t answer the phone. So what for do they charge us?)

Bad acommodation service

Accommodation for @SonarFestival is turning out to be a nightmare!

Critics about the food waste

@SonarFestival ¿qué os parece la cantidad de comida en la basura que estáis provocando?

(content in spanish: What about the amount of food waste you are generating?)

Critics about the music selection

@ministryofsound @SonarFestival what an awful selection of music

Critics about the price

Sres de @SonarFestival cobrar 9 € por un gintonic de @Beefeaterdrygin con tonica de cañero y sin limon es un robo

(content in spanish: 9 euros for a gintonic of bad quality and without lemmon)

Critics about the queue

Atrapado en el Sónar Noche: La organización hizo controles de salida por el robo masivo de móviles

(content in spanish: trapped at the sónar by night. The organization made controls at the exits because of massive mobiles robberies.)

We saw how the volume of the conversation has been increasing as the Festival was approaching, with the major peak on 20th, the last day, with almost 18.000 mentions.

This is the total summary of where the conversation about the sónar festival has been coming from.

This is a summary of the languages of the conversation about the sónar festival during the last month.

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