Smart Cities Newsletter Report

November 19, 2015

Opens and clicks above industry average

The smart cities invite was sent to 2,559 people, 89% were delivered successfully, only 11% bounced back. Of these, 33% opened the email, 6% above the industry average of 27.2%, which is certainly a success. Of the emails successfully sent, 2.9% followed the link through to the site, which again bests the industry average of 1.8%. This represents 751 people being exposed to the content of the email, and 66 people following links as a direct result of the newsletter.

Total clicks and opens

The total number of opens which includes people who opened it more than once, is nearly double the number of people who received the email at 1425. This shows that people are taking a second look at the email, which can surely only be a good thing, as it must have interested them. The total number of clicks, which includes people who clicked on multiple links or the same one more than once, is 77, an increase of 11. 8.8% of opens translated into clicks. Whilst there isn't an industry…

Top locations for opens

Spain was by far the country with the most opens, which is unsurprising as Websays is Spanish, the expo is in Spain, and most of the clients and followers are local to Barcelona or based in Spain. Spanish opens made up about 51% of total opens, with 713. However, what is striking about this data is that the second largest country for opens was America with 33% of total opens, 468 in real terms, compared to the UK which made up just 5.2% of all opens. This is certainly not…
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