Rosalía: ¿Queen of Sónar 2018?

June 27, 2018

Rosalía, a young flamenco singer that is subtly immersing in urban and electronic territory, had a total of 570 mentions within the digital conversation about Sónar 2018. This year, Sónar music event celebrated its 25th edition and was held in Barcelona on 14, 15 and 16 June.

This young singer from San Esteve Sesrovires, a village located a few kilometres far from Barcelona, was one of the biggest surprises of the festival as she captivated the audience with her performance. Let’s see the insights that her presence at Sonar 2018 generated in social media:

Volume of Rosalía's digital conversation

The total volume of Rosalía's digital conversation in Sónar 2018 was 570 mentions. As the event was held on 14, 15 and 16 June and Rosalía's performance was on the 15th, we found the largest volume the next day (16th of June) with 160 mentions, as the digital press gave their opinion about his magnificent performance the next day.
Volume Rosalía's digital conversation

Sentiment of Rosalía's digital conversation

Regarding the sentiment, we can see that the positive sentiment (28,6% of the mentions) prevails over the negative (14,91%). Users' opinions are divided: on the one hand, the positive sentiment shows the opinions of users defending that Rosalia's performance exceeded all expectations and even revealed the performance of Gorillaz, one of the most awaited groups performing in Sónar 2018. On the other hand, the negative sentiment shows the opinions of those who consider flamenco an exclusive art of the gypsies and, therefore, have criticized Rosalia for her music style.
Sentiment Rosalía's digital conversation

Media of Rosalía's digital conversation

If we talk about the media in which the conversation about Rosalia took place, half of the total mentions were made in the digital press (50,18%), followed by Twitter (24,56%) and Instagram (21,4%) as we can see in the chart:
Media of the digital conversation about Rosalia

Word cloud about Rosalía

This word cloud shows that the most commonly used word related to Rosalia was "mal querer", that is the name of her second album which will be released soon.
Word Cloud Rosalía

Hashtag cloud about Rosalía

As we can see in this cloud about the singer Rosalía, the hashtag #rosalia was the second most used after #sonar2018. Users also used other hashtags to mention the singer such as #malamente, one of the songs performed by Rosalía, #flamenco or #elmalquerer.
Word Cloud Rosalía

Emoji cloud about Rosalía

The emoji cloud that we can see below shows that users, in their mentions about Rosalía, used the heart emoji the most to show their admiration for the singer, as well as other emojis related to music and flamenco, among others.
Emoji cloud about Rosalía

Top Twitter Mention

The top mention on Twitter is by the catalan digital media @MonDiari, that said: "A Rosalía in transition overflows the @SonarFestival ✏ Explained by @AbelDega ? @rosaliavt"
Top Mention Twitter

Top Instagram Mention

On Instagram, we attribute the top mention to the user @pablounachao, who published a black and white photo of the singer during her performance at Sónar 2018.  
Top Instagram Mention
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