The rise of Rekorderlig

July 2, 2015

Rekorderlig has not been a global brand for long, but in that time it has build up a substantial market in the UK and in Sweden. But what are people saying about Rekorderlig on social media?

As you can see, in December 2014 there was a huge spike in people talking about Rekorderlig on all social networks. The vast majority of this conversation was positive, and came from the UK. This was probably due to the Rekorderlig chalet at the Southbank Centre, which was clearly a very successful marketing exercise.

External talk around including Rekorderlig peaked this month, with more than 2,300 mentions across social networks. Again, the vast majority of these mentions have been positive, and coming from the UK. This graph also shows how often Rekorderlig has been mentioned on social media over the past five years. It’s only in the past two years that Rekorderlig has been mentioned regularly on Facebook. The Facebook mentions peaked in mid 2014.

The most popular hashtag to be associated with Rekorderlig are, perhaps unsurprisingly, #rekorderlig.  The next is #beautifullyswedish, a marketing hashtag used and promoted by Rekorderlig. Next is #fathersday, a perhaps less expected association with fruity ciders.


Introducing the world-exclusive Halloween Collection. Want to win it? Tell us which of our new frightening flavours you'd most like to try this Halloween. *18+ / Terms apply: GB only / Closes 16:59pm on 27/10/2014 ( )

This was the social media post with the most impact, and indeed it has all the hallmarks of a powerful social media post. It has questions, a competition, it’s topical and has a huge visually interesting image. On the Facebook pages for Rekorderlig in other countries, the Halloween post is among the top impact posts as well, showing that Rekorderlig thrives in the English winter.

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