Brussels report

April 11, 2016

Monitoring the conversation about a city has many benefits: Social media can give information about citizens, what’s on their mind. It can also be used to measure certain topics like politics, arts, noise, strikes or cleanliness for example, but one of the most powerful uses is surveillance for security forces like the Brussels police in order to monitor for events like the recent terrorist attacks. Being aware in real time about problems inside the city  is a great way to take security measures.

In this report we simply show how to summarise what happened after the event, but just imagine what the security forces can do with more than 4 million mentions within a month.


Cities usually move a huge amount of data that would be impossible to analyse with traditional tools. Social Media monitoring helps recovering all the relevant information in real time so crisis wouldn’t catch you by surprise.

An unfortunate example are the recent terrorist attacks on March 22nd, with more that one million mentions all over the Internet.

Social Media monitoring not only recover reactions on social networks (here hidden in blue), but also news, blogs or videos.

Be aware of the main concerns of the citizen creating topics like politics, security, transportation or noise.

Create Topics allows you to measure the reach of the Topics you are the most concerned about. The reach is a calculation of the followers of all the authors that shared something in the selected period, less the followers that these authors have in common.

Tweet from @cnnbrk

Paris, Brussels attackers sought to target #Euro2016France soccer tournament, source says

Filtering by date you will be aware in real time of the latest news, mentions and concerns of the citizen.

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Filtering the data by impact you can see the content that had the most comments, likes, shared and views.

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