Analytics report 11/11/15

November 11, 2015

Google Analytics show increasing number of viewers

During the month of October 11 - November 10, Websays received an ever increasing number of viewers. The total page views for the month was just shy of 1,000, made up of around 242 unique users partaking in 462 sessions. Of these users, 44% were new users, who had never visited Websays before. The bounce rate, the number of people who read one page on the site and then leave, for averaged 70%, but this has steadily decreased over the month. The majority of the users, about 65%, read the site…

Two month summary

Over the past two months, Sept 10 - November 10, the site has received more than 2,000 views, from more than 500 users. The average amount of time spent reading something on the site for the first month is 1 minute 18 seconds, which rises to 2 minutes 31 seconds in the second month, showing that people are finding our content more interesting and spending more time reading it. The bounce rate has also dropped from 74% in the first month, to 70% in the second.

Twitter impressions

TWITTER 3.7K Impressions over 28 days. Essentially the reach, off the back of 368 followers. Gained around one follower per day for the month. Best performing post on Twitter was the most recent post about Jun, the town run through Twitter.

Posts with highest engagement on Twitter

Posts with the highest engagement rate, i.e. people clicking on the link, interacting with the @Websays account or replying to the tweet. Engagement rates are typically in single figures. The post that performed best of these three in terms of quantity of engagements and impressions was the post about the reemerging Facebook status hoax.  

Facebook reach

Starting with just 151 likes, Facebook reach has been difficult to build up. However, a series of posts have reached more than 100 people's newsfeeds, increasing Websays visibility on the site. Over the last two months, Websays posts have been seen in newsfeeds more than 1,000 times.  

Spanish Websays on Twitter

The Spanish Websays account accrued 2.4k impressions over the last 28 days, off the back of 106 followers, even though the account has only been active for a few weeks. The tweet that performed best in this time was referencing the Barcelona tram system, perhaps because it resonated with the Spanish audience and was based closest to home. The reach of the posts was further boosted by mentions from PR company Sibilare.
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